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Notes in Lieu

2020-08-24T11:15:09+01:00January 24th, 2011|Categories: Local Authorities, News|

With Local Authorities trying to reduce the number of SEN Statements being produced each year, many are increasing the number of Notes in Lieu they issue.  IndePenDent Business Services Ltd are adept at writing Notes in Lieu.  We believe that these should reflect the statutory assessment process and try to ensure that we write these to [...]

Preferred Provider

2020-08-24T11:15:18+01:00January 13th, 2011|Categories: Company updates, News|

We have received this message today: “I would like to thank you again for the tender that you submitted to the County Council.  We have been through the tender and taken up references from other authorities that you have identified in the process. I am pleased to announce that you are the preferred provider. I would like [...]

Management Performance Review

2021-01-28T21:45:02+00:00January 10th, 2011|Categories: Company updates, News|

We have recently carried out a review of our management performance.  Inevitably, communication was highlighted as an issue, with some of our writers feeling that they are not always kept informed about expectations and goals.  This is a particular challenge when so many people work remotely, in their homes.  By contrast, other people felt that there is a [...]

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