Additional Writing Services

Amendments & rewrites

We produce plan amendments and rewrite plans on transfer into the area. In addition, we can take large batches of phase transfer amendments.

Annual Review Processing Service

We can assist Local Authorities with the processing of large batches of Annual Review paperwork, to ensure timescales are met. We will go through a batch of Annual Review paperwork and, using a personalised decision-making matrix, identify the following:

  • Cases where there are no changes required to the existing EHC Plan – we will set up the ‘No Change’ letter to be issued to parents
  • Cases where the EHC Plan requires minor amendments – we will make the relevant changes to ensure the reissued plan is up to date
  • Cases where the EHC Plan requires a moderate amendment e.g. more significant changes to needs, outcomes or provisions, but not sufficient for a full amendment
  • Cases where a full amendment will need to be issued – we will use the new information to significantly update the EHC Plan, including rewriting Section B where possible

EHCP Reboot Package

With the 2014 SEND Reform conversions finally completed, we now have a chance to establish good practice going forwards. It is crucial to have a clear and succinct template that demonstrates the Golden Thread, and to work closely with professionals to ensure person-centred, SMART outcomes and specific and quantified provision within EHC Needs Assessments.

Our new Enhance EHCP Reboot package provides personalised support to ‘reboot’ the EHC Needs Assessment and plan production stages of the process, by encouraging better quality professional advice and improving your EHCP template. The package includes discussion and analysis of your template and assessment advice needs and extensive work on your plan template and standard advice formats for all professionals.

Please contact us or click the below to download our information pack.