EHC Plan writing courses

Fundamentals of Writing EHC Plans [Level 1]

The Fundamentals of Writing EHC Plans [Level 1] course is designed for those with no prior knowledge of SEND or EHC plans who will be involved in drafting EHC plans. It will take learners through the EHCP assessment process and provide them with a good grounding in writing and amending plans.

Key points about this course:

  • The average completion time for this course is 3-5 hours, depending on the learner’s current level of experience. However, the course can be paused and resumed at any stage, enabling each learner to work at their own pace.
  • In order to complete this course, learners will work through several modules of content, each one followed by a non-assessed ‘Test Yourself’ quiz, to enable reflection of some of the key points from the learning material.
  • Once learners have worked through all of the modules, there is a multiple-choice ‘End of Course Assessment’ to demonstrate how they have met the assessment criteria for each of the learning outcomes. Learners must achieve a pass rate of at least 70%, but module content can be reviewed prior to taking the assessment and learners have two attempts to pass the assessment.
  • Upon successful completion, learners will receive a digital Certificate of Achievement and gain 5 CPD hours.
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Learner comments:

“User friendly and easy to follow”
“I have a much more stable and detailed understanding of the plan writing process.”
“This course gave me a great insight into the base of what a plan contains and how to achieve a well written plan.”
“[I can now follow] the golden thread through outcomes, provision, needs and aspirations.”
“[I now have a] better understanding of outcomes.”

In-depth EHC Plan Writing [Level 2]

The In-depth EHC Plan Writing [Level 2] course is designed to provide intensive training for SEND staff or freelance writers who will be responsible for writing and amending EHC plans. This course is ideal for those with some prior knowledge of the legal context and format of EHC plans, but when combined with the Fundamentals of EHC Plan Writing [Level 1] short course, it also provides ‘from scratch’ training for those new to SEND.

The online course is based on Enhance EHC’s comprehensive and detailed internal training programme, which has been used to train over 150 writers of EHC plans – and previously SEN Statements – since 1996. Alongside knowledge of statutory requirements for writing and amending EHC plans, learners will be provided with:

  • Detailed step-by-step guidance through the plan writing process – from understanding the fundamental requirements, to learning more complex features about content inclusion, grammar and style
  • Strategies for approaching different aspects of the plan and the corresponding assessment reports
  • Best practice in writing new plans and amending plans following review
  • Learning activities and the experience of drafting plans as delegates work through the learning content, enabling them to apply their new skills and knowledge
  • The option for either self-assessed/peer-assessed EHC plan writing assignments, using our example advice sets, plan template, trainee success criteria and final versions, and/or manager-assessed plan-writing assignments for live cases, using submitted advice and the Local Authority plan template alongside our trainee success criteria
  • Final assessment and sign-off by Enhance EHC trainers, to provide individual plan-writing feedback and award delegates with a completion grade and certificate, as well as a CPD certificate worth 55 CPD hours
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Learner comments:

“[I will be able to ] write better plans and I now have a structure to writing them”
“The pdfs are fab to download and refer back to.”
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