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Writing an EHC plan is a specialised task, but it is also time-consuming, and the variable and unpredictable EHCP workload can be challenging to manage with a fixed level of staff. Our EHCP Writing Service helps ensure improved timeliness, suitability and quality of EHC plans and enables SEN Case Officers to dedicate their time to supporting families and working directly with schools and other professionals.

What are the key features and benefits of our EHCP Writing Service?

  • Consistently high-quality writing support – we write in a clear and professional style, using information directly taken from the professionals’ reports. Our writers undergo our intensive one-to-one training programme and we devote significant resources to quality assurance procedures, in order to ensure our EHC plans reflect the professional advice provided, are compliant with the Code of Practice and are in line with current best practice in plan writing
  • Guaranteed delivery times – our average turnaround is 2-3 working days and we guarantee to return all drafts within 5 working days, or your money back (terms and conditions apply)
  • Flexible support options – from building us fully into the process or sending permanent overspill, to using us for intermittent overspill, one-off batches, catching up with backlogs or short-term cover for staff absences, our flexibility means that your team can adapt more easily to fluctuating workloads
  • Cost-efficient support – you only pay for the work done, rather than covering expensive employment costs, whilst also benefitting from the below added value features
“Thank you for your help as usual. I understand that the demand for your service is huge and that’s why I’m even more grateful. We could not do all that we do without your help and support.”
“Can I just say thank you…You were incredibly efficient, reliable and responsive – and that was invaluable in such a pressured timeframe. Thank you.”
“The EHCPs sent are of very good quality and very little has to be amended. Your comments are also very helpful in obtaining further information from schools.”
“We would like to thank you for all of your hard work & support in helping us deliver our service effectively.”

Additional benefits:

  • Enhance Quality Audit – professional advice and template Quality Assurance information, along with a handy summary of workload, turnaround and administrative data for each quarter
  • Enhance Customer Newsletter – every month we share current good practice in plan writing and our own analysis and recommendations
  • Personalised template recommendations – our unique insight into how other LAs work enables us to share different approaches and offer recommendations for different aspects of your plan template
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We will produce your first draft free of charge, so that you feel confident in the quality of the work we produce, prior to committing further.

Please contact us for more information about our packages of writing support and to request a price list.

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