EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for Schools

Updated 2020 Edition

EHC plans are complex and multi-layered documents, and the legislation, systems and processes relating to these can be equally complex and, at times, unclear. That’s why sharing good practice in relation to EHC plans is crucial to developing understanding and improving quality and consistency.

Our new and exclusive EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for Schools contains helpful guidance and exemplars for all school staff responsible for SEND. The resource pack aims to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the requirements of EHC plans
  • Provide guidance on how to write effective assessment and review reports for the EHC Needs Assessment and review processes
  • Demonstrate good practice for educational assessment advice and Annual Review reports, and the final EHC plan.

What’s included:

The EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for Schools is a physical resource and includes:

  • Guidance for education professionals providing advice – information about statutory requirements and good practice for ensuring person-centred and outcome-focused school assessments
  • NEW! Annual Review guidance – information for education professionals about the process and statutory requirements for Annual Reviews
  • Our recommended educational advice formats – standard forms for education providers to use for the EHC needs assessment and Annual Review, which encourage professionals to provide a clear description of needs, specific and quantified provision and SMART outcomes within their area of expertise
  • EHC plan exemplar – an annotated example plan on our comprehensive yet succinct EHCP template, demonstrating the meeting of statutory requirements, as well as best practice in plan writing

Complimentary Word versions of our educational advice templates are also available on request.