EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for Local Authorities

Updated 2020 Edition

The EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for LAs contains guidance, analysis and resources designed to help Local Authorities and other stakeholders gain a national perspective of EHC plans and ensure that good practices are consistently adopted across the country.

The context:

EHC plans vary significantly from one Local Authority (LA) to another and, in addition, many Ofsted local area inspections are noting inconsistent quality of EHC plans within and between LAs. The lack of a universal EHC plan template, inconsistency in the quality of professional assessment advice, and different interpretations of the Code of Practice all contribute to these variations, which is why identifying and sharing good practice is crucial to improving standards across the country.

Working for a number of LAs means that we see many different EHC plan formats and assessment reports; we know how important an effective layout and format is in helping to ensure plans are legally compliant and fully support the aims of the SEND reforms, such as by being person-centred, demonstrating the Golden Thread and effectively preparing young people for adulthood. We also know that an EHC plan can only be as good as the advice received during the assessment process.


What’s included:

The EHCP Good Practice Resource Pack for LAs is available as a hard and/or electronic copy and includes:

  • EHC plan template section analysis – comparing and contrasting the different ways in which a selection of LAs are approaching each section of the EHC Plan in relation to its function, content and legal requirements
  • Our recommended EHCP template – an exemplar plan on our comprehensive yet succinct template that supports the aims of the SEND reforms, with annotations to explain the reasoning behind development decisions
  • Our recommended advice formats – standard forms for advice providers to use for the EHC needs assessment, which correspond with our recommended template and encourage professionals to provide a clear description of needs, specific and quantified provision and SMART outcomes within their area of expertise
  • Guidance for professional advice writers – guidance based on the SEND Code of Practice and good practice for ensuring person-centred and outcome-focused EHC needs assessment and review reports, including Quality Assurance checklists for each contributing professional

Customer comments

“I think it is a great resource and allows practitioners valuable knowledge about other people’s practice.”
“What a fantastic resource!”
“Your brilliant guide has been most helpful.”

How it can be used:

The guidance and resources included in the pack can be used to improve existing workforce training and development, peer moderation and internal quality assurance processes, and drive forward charge. You can:

  • Gain an insight into different practices across the country
  • Request personalised version of our recommended EHC plan template and advice formats to incorporate your Local Authority branding
  • Share guidance and checklists with stakeholders within the local area, to ensure effective assessments take place.