So far this financial year, we’ve broken our all time record four times, as opposed to just twice in the whole of the previous year. With a total of 972 statements, we’re creeping tantalisingly closer to the big 1000 . Whilst in August we had the capacity, but didn’t quite have the work levels in those last few days, this month we had the work, but not quite the capacity, due to month end falling in the middle of half term and several writers being away. Such is life! It’s a phenomenal achievement that we’re anywhere near this milestone and that we’re continuing to grow as we are, whilst managing to maintain our high standards.

Last week Penny sent out a mailing to Directors of Children’s Services, in which we were able to boast:

  • 100% delivery on time. We are never late. (Yes really.) We deliver everything within a week and on average take just 1-2 days.
  • 100% customer satisfaction. We receive comments on around 2 per 1000 of our statements and this is constructive criticism, not dissatisfaction.
  • 100% work accepted and produced to your specifications. We do not turn work down. We are happy to produce your statements as you wish.
  • 100% preferred provider. When we are asked to tender, we are always successful in winning the business. We do not need a contract though; we are flexible enough to help you out whenever we are needed.

Not bad, eh?

We’ve also had some very nice feedback from our customer visits—in particular, Penny reported back from one customer who is delighted with the service.