Parent/carer information

Parent/carer guide to EHC plans

We understand that the legislation around SEND is lengthy and complex, and that the variety of information available online around EHC plans is overwhelming.

That’s why we created this free EHCP guidance document for parents/carers, or anyone supporting families through the EHCP assessment, planning and review process. This guidance will provide you with clear information about the key legal requirements of EHC plans, what you should expect for your child/young person’s assessment and plan, and where you can find further support.

Click here to download the parent/carer guide to EHCP plans

Our involvement with a child/young person’s EHC plan

We provide EHC plan writing support to Local Authority SEND teams. Plan writing is a time-consuming process that involves turning up to 100 pages of varied information into a consistent and coherent document, both addressing all the areas of need and complying with the SEND Code of Practice. Our service enables caseworkers to avoid being buried under paperwork and instead be able to spend quality time with young people and families.

We generate a clear and concise summary of the information provided, which facilitates the process and helps it to be completed within statutory guidelines, despite the highly variable workflow. We do this in a cost efficient and timely way, with the skill gained from over 24 years’ experience in this field.

Our EHCP writing service makes a real difference to the effectiveness of Local Authority SEND teams. Because we exist and work the way we do:

  • EHC plans are written clearly and concisely, making them useful documents that are easy to understand
  • EHC plans are produced in a timely manner, since we work quickly and efficiently, assisting staff to meet the statutory deadlines
  • EHC plans are written independently, based solely on the information from the assessment, with no additional or hidden agenda.  We simply summarise all the information, highlighting all the key information so that it can be easily viewed and used.
Click here to download our Parents’ Guide to Enhance EHC