The Company


To enhance the quality, consistency and efficiency of the EHC plan assessment, planning and review process, so that children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can reach their potential.



As the largest and longest established SEND document support company in the UK, our mission is to provide SEND professionals with services and products to improve the quality and consistency of all documents involved in the education, health and care plan (EHCP) process. Our plan writing and quality assurance (QA) services enable us to support SEND teams at different points in the EHCP assessment and review process, whilst our good practice resources and training programmes aim to standardise guidance and equip frontline staff with the relevant knowledge and skills to be able to produce high-quality SEND documentation. We achieve this through our extensive experience of supporting SEND teams, our dedicated team of highly trained writers and QA officers, and our commitment to stay at the forefront of data compliance and security.


We provide cost-effective, efficient and flexible support for EHC plan production that caters to individual requirements. The highly specialised nature of plan writing, along with tight deadlines, variable workloads and the considerable time taken both to train plan writers and to draft each plan, means that managing this process in the most efficient way is imperative. Our support services and products aim to maximise the effectiveness of frontline workers, resulting in better involvement of children, young people and families throughout the process, better quality assessment advice and better adherence to statutory deadlines.


We believe that collaborating and working together can make a difference. Our long history of working together with over half of the Local Authorities in the country allows us to share good practice and provide valuable advice and support regarding the assessment, production and review of EHC plans, from a national perspective. Collaborating to make a difference extends to our own team; we are committed to working together to ensure we prioritise staff wellbeing and provide a flexible and supportive working environment.

Our Key Values


Our professionalism is grounded in the respect that we have for the work and each other. We make a commitment to being:

  • Reliable: we can be depended upon to do a good job, to the best of our ability and effort, when we say we will
  • Competent: we ensure that we have the necessary level of skill and expertise for tasks we undertake
  • Efficient: with our time and resources.

Continuous development

We understand that we are always learning and we strive to improve our knowledge, understanding and skills. We see mistakes and challenges as opportunities for growth, and believe that we can learn from listening to others.


We actively respond to changes in our environment and are open minded about alternative ways of approaching tasks. We treat people and situations individually, with flexibility, rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We cultivate the resilience and confidence necessary to go outside of our comfort zones and try something new.


We strive to do what is right, over what is easy. We are honest, trustworthy and trusting of others. We communicate clearly and practise fairness and compassion.


We work together for a common goal, ensuring that everyone has genuine input and involvement. We learn from each other and encourage diversity of voices.