We are really pleased to announce that, following nominations from our team and a final vote, the recipient for our Annual Charity Contribution in 2021 is The Honeypot Children’s Charity.

Honeypot is a national young carers’ charity that works to enhance the lives of young carers and give them an opportunity to create happy childhood memories. They are the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to supporting young carers between 5-12 years.

Young carers are children under 18 years who provide care and emotional support to a parent, a grandparent, or a sibling who is ill, disabled, or suffers from a mental health condition or substance abuse. It is extremely saddening to learn that, on top of their caring responsibilities, young carers experience high levels of stress and anxiety, severe social isolation, educational underachievement, low self-esteem, economic deprivation and a substantially higher level of bullying than in the general population of young children.

Every year, this charity supports almost 2,500 young carers across the country through a unique service, including respite and learning breaks, digital inclusion and outreach programmes. Honeypot was delighted to be chosen as our dedicated charity partner for 2021; they told us that our donation of £1,000 could pay for a full year’s Wrap-Round support for a child, a service designed to provide relief, protect mental health and develop social confidence. This Wrap-Round support also includes the young carer receiving a respite break, an online creative workshop and a £100 Wellbeing grant.

We always like to offer more than a one-off donation to our chosen recipient; it is important to us that we learn more about the vital services our supported charity provide, and get involved in further fundraising opportunities throughout the year. So we are really excited to be welcoming a representative from Honeypot at our March virtual team gathering, who will be talking to us about the support Honeypot offers, as well as the exciting fundraising plans they have for their 25th anniversary year.