“Thanks for the drafts – so far I am very impressed with them.”
LA SEN Quality and Compliance Manager, January 2021
“Thank you for your help, support and also working in partnership with me this year. I look forward to more of the same, next year.”
LA Caseworker, December 2020
Regarding training purchased for an LA SEND team:
“The feedback has been very positive.”
LA Staff Development Officer, August 2020
In response to a completed online EHCP course:
“The course is very helpful and provides in-depth detail and understanding of the EHCP process and how to write an EHCP.”
LA SEND team, October 2020
Regarding online EHCP training:
“It has really proved helpful and our new member of staff was very quickly up and running writing plans after doing this training.”
LA Lead Family Services Co-ordinator, November 2020
Following completion of one of our online EHCP training courses:
“I have a much more stable and detailed understanding of the plan writing process.”
LA SEND team, June 2019
“Many thanks for sending through the documents, most appreciated. […] we would like to thank you for all of your hard work & support in helping us deliver our service effectively.”
LA SEND team, December 2019
“Once again, thank you very much for providing such a quick turnaround. Impressed and appreciate that.”
LA SEND team, April 2020
“Thank you again for your fast work with this – it’s really appreciated.”
LA SEND team, April 2020
“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you to whoever has written this plan as they have done a great job. It reads as really positive for the child and all the information has been pulled together so well and that’s exactly what [we are] looking for.”
October 2019
“The EHCPs sent are of very good quality and very little has to be amended. Your comments are also very helpful in obtaining further information from schools.”
September 2019
Following spending some time in discussion with one of our customers about their new EHCP template format:

“The feedback is really positive. Many thanks to your staff for their work.”

September 2019
“Thank you so much for getting this back to us before expected. Marvellous service!”
October 2019
Thank you for your help as usual. I understand that the demand for your service is huge and that’s why I’m even more grateful. We could not do all that we do without your help and support. No one ever says it enough, so BIG THANK YOU!
August 2019
“Thank you very much for getting the updated document – with the addition of the specialist medical report details included – returned to us in record time. This is truly appreciated.

Thank you and your team for your help, cooperation and support.”

June 2019
“Please do say a massive thank you to all involved, it has been a pleasure working with you all and I do think that your work has seen some real, measureable improvement to the quality of our EHC Plans.”
August 2019
I know you and your team will do your best because you have never let us down and I for one, really appreciate that effort.
June 2019
“Thank you. Quick off the draw, as usual. Have a great weekend and thank you for all that you do.”
May 2019
“We love the service and understand the move to ‘Standard’, ‘Standard Plus’ and ‘Premium’ […] Your brilliant [Good Practice Resource Pack] guide has been most helpful.”
April 2019
“Could you please pass my thanks on to the writer of this [plan] – it’s really good.”
March 2019
In response to their quarterly Quality Audit report, one Local Authority said they found it “a useful resource” and were also “incredibly pleased with the service”. Two other authorities said that these reports were “very helpful” and another stated they were “really impressed” with their QA report.
August & October 2018
“Flipping Nora! That was good service!”
June 2018
“Thank you for turning my drafts around so quickly. Appreciate it.”
May 2018
“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. Much appreciated”
May 2018
“Can I just say thank you…You were incredibly efficient, reliable and responsive – and that was invaluable in such a pressured timeframe. Thank you.”
April 2018
“Thank you very much; it’s very reassuring to know that you appreciate the feedback and are supportive in your response. I have certainly always had a positive experience when communicating with all staff from Enhance and this is a credit to the team.”
March 2018
“I appreciate it’s a busy time for you so wanted to say a big thank you for getting my drafts to me so quickly. I’m due to go on leave so this really helped enormously :-)”
March 2018
“Fabulous!! Thank you. And a huge thank you for all of your help and support with the conversions. We could not have done it without you. We have 2 left to send!!.”
February 2018
We have received some praise from a school for the quality of an EHC that was drafted by Enhance. I have copied in the praise we received from the school:

“You’ll be delighted to hear we’re happy with X’s draft EHCP. I have to say it’s one of the best ones I’ve read.

Could you please pass this praise onto the writer.”

March 2018
“From the plans that have been completed so far these look great, thank you […] The information provided on the returned front sheets is great, and we really appreciate the detail […] We are very happy with the returned plans […] Many thanks for your support.”
January 2018
“The feedback so far from my team has been that the plans are excellent! :-)”
September 2017
“I just wanted to let you know that I have just checked a plan for xxx and was very impressed with this one.”
August 2017
“As always thank you for your support, hard work and attention to detail.”
July 2017
“Thank you for the plans that have been submitted, these have been to a high standard.”
July 2017
“After going through and analysing each one, I would agree that your plans are well written and are of a good standard.”
July 2017
“Thank you for doing this at such short notice. Very much appreciated.”
May 2017
“We have been super impressed with the service and the quality of the plans so far, it is such a relief I can tell you!”
March 2017
“Thank you so much! It is very very much appreciated.”
February 2017
One of our customers kindly gave us a reference to use for a new potential customer recently. They marked the service as ‘excellent’ for General Standard of Service Delivery, Ability to Meet Service Users’ Needs, Communication Effectiveness, Response to Complaints, Quality of Staff, Staff Training, Efficiency of Invoicing, Compliance with Health and Safety and Quality Monitoring. They also made the following comments:

“It is clear from experience, that the leadership and management is strong with a clear vision on providing a quality service and understanding the needs of the clients. It appears to be a company focussed on continuous improvement with sound understanding of SEND market/environment dynamics and demands.”

May 2017
Following discussion around template layout and design:

“You are wonderful! It is really, honestly helpful to have this dialog with you.”

February 2017
“Thank you for the plan – our template is not the most intuitive but everything was good, and captured her needs/provision well.”
January 2017
“Thanks for this feedback, it so useful to have your thoughts and advice.”
November 2016
“Thank you to your writer for XX’s draft Plan, which is excellent.”
November 2016
“You are an actual star!! 🙂 Thank you so much!”
November 2016
“Can I just express my delight on how quickly you dealt with the response and the dilemma I spoke to you [about] this Monday – it is very much appreciated.”
November 2016
“Thank you so much you are a life saver!!!!!”
September 2016
“Thanks […] I really appreciate the care you take and your useful and thorough feedback.”
August 2016
“Thanks so much – you have just saved me days and days of work! :-)”
July 2016
“I am emailing on behalf of [Local Area Manager] to say how very impressive the SE’s [EHC plan] for xxxx are, they are well written and very detailed and only minor changes needed to be made. Thought your writer might appreciate the feedback.”
June 2016
“Just wanted to say thank you for turning this around so quickly for me. I’m really grateful.”
June 2016
“Fantastic service, thank you very much.”
April 2016
“Happy 2016 (if it’s not too late to say so!). Thanks very much to you and all your team’s continued hard work in delivering our draft Education, Health and Care plans.

I can see from my records that the team have processed an impressive 271 Plans on our behalf this financial year alone. Many thanks again, it would be very challenging to do it without you!”

February 2016
“I thought I would let you know about feedback that I have had from one of our assessment Co-ordinators. She has asked me to let you know that the writer who wrote X’s Plan is excellent !! :-)”
February 2016
Following some support offered with document formatting:

“Thank you so much. It works!!! Another IT skill that I have learnt. Do you do IT training? I have copied in all the caseworkers so that they can follow your instructions. Once again thank you for sorting this out so promptly.”

“Thankyou […] The lifesaver award goes to you!”

November 2015
Following distribution of our Section A information to customers:

“Thank you for the attached document – I found it very useful as it has some interesting ideas.”

“Thanks for this. I think it’s a very useful document. It is interesting to know firstly, what other LAs’ methodology is and, secondly, what an objective view of the inevitable discrepancies is. So, it’s a useful exercise for me and I’ll feed it to colleagues, who will find it equally informative, I’m sure.”

“We’ve taken on board the comments you made in your Section A newsletter. I’ve added your Background and Summary of Need section to the beginning of the template. It’s a great idea, much appreciated.”

November 2015
“We would like to maintain the relationship and seek your support for work we can’t manage if that is OK with you. We are again short of staff and I suspect we won’t manage all the transfers.
Thanks for all your work. Quality has been very good and everyone very pleased.”
October 2015
“Thank you so much for all your help during this stressful period!”
October 2015
One customer noted that they were getting “fantastic feedback” on their plans, particularly from schools where the intake came from four or five different authorities; the school commented that our customer’s plans were of significantly higher quality than those of some other authorities.
September 2015
“Thank you for the EHC Plans you’re producing at the moment, particularly as I know first-hand how challenging it can be with varying reports in terms of quality and quantity! But things are going well I think (and so do the team here), so thank you. […] Anyway as I say thank you to you and your team for all your help and ongoing work, the Plans coming through are really good and useful.”
August 2015
“Many thanks for all of your help – not sure what we would do without you all :-)”
August 2015
“Thank you for completing 14 draft plans (4 new assessment plus 10 plan conversions). I am very happy with the quality of the work. We would like to send you a further batch of plan conversions (between 20–30).”
July 2015
“We have been pleased with the results of your team’s work and we would prefer to have an ongoing working relationship with you if we can subject to your own capacity.”
July 2015
One customer noted that our production of the plans prior to the planning meeting “works perfectly”.
May 2015
We had a variety of positive comments over March and April, from various customers who appreciated the support given:

“I just wanted to let you know that the Plans following new assessments […] are great and fit with how we are being asked to draft them. Thanks for your support with this.”

“Have been reading a few of the new draft EHCPs from your team. Overall they seem to be hitting the mark so far as I am concerned.”

“Thank you so much […] Don’t know what is happening, but thank goodness for you! Thanks again […] Much appreciate your help.”

“Thanks very much for all your continued hard work!”

April 2015
“The differential between Plans is part of the reason why I’d like to get you much more involved, as we have significantly different styles depending on who is doing them.”
March 2015
“Can I just say a big thank you to you and all your colleagues for all your assistance with these EHC plans, they’re not as easy to write as the statements were. I’m sure they’ll get easier!”
February 2015
“Thank you so much for getting the first batch of Statements back to us so promptly! Both myself and the Lead SEN Officer have looked through the Statements you have done and consider them to be excellent and not in need of any changes to either style, content or format.”
January 2015
“The first 5 Statements were brilliant so I have asked for the rest to be sent over.”
January 2015
“[The] LA is very pleased with the Service it has had this term from you. With this I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas. I am looking forward to working with you again in the New Year 2015 and EHC Plans.”
December 2014
“We have no doubt you will get a quick turnaround as you are very good at that, something we can be thankful for. Thanks for your continued support to our service. Merry Christmas to you and the team and a Happy New Year.”
December 2014
“The EHC plans you completed back in June / July were great and we really appreciated you returning them so quickly given the tight deadlines we were working to at the time.”
September 2014
“Just to let you know that I have had some positive feedback from parents regarding the statements that you have drafted. I will be in touch soon regarding amending statements for phase transfer.”
September 2014
Following production of a large batch of statement to EHC plan conversions:

“Thank you so much, please pass on our sincere gratitude to all your team for working like trojans to get this massive piece of work done for us, it is hugely appreciated.”

May 2014
“I’d just like to say thanks for all the work you’ve done and the speed you’ve done it in, you have made my life a lot easier.”
May 2014
Following production of initial draft for EHC Planning:

“Many thanks for processing this so quickly. I think it accurately reflects what I know of J and describes his needs well.”

December 2013
“We feel the work provided by your Service, including turnaround times is very good and the quality of statement writing is excellent. So thank you.”
November 2013
“You have been brilliant and helped me out when I have found it necessary to request a further copy of the SE’s be sent (for whatever reason) or any other query and the speed in which you have dealt with my request has been really appreciated.”
July 2013
From a new customer: “We are really pleased with the format, style and content… I have just sent 6 more drafts over with the same deadline of next Monday. It has been hugely reassuring getting these initial 3 from you to see the quality is as we were hoping.”
May 2013
“Just to let you know that I had feedback this week from Parents Partnership with regards to quality of the Statement and that they have had no parents’ comments about the content of Statements and they have not had to support parents in writing letter of disagreement with regards to the Statements. Thank you for the hard work that your team are doing to get the Statements completed and the quality being so good.”
March 2013
“Many thanks for returning all the Amendment Notices so quickly […] It is a really busy time for us and your efficient service has been much appreciated.”
February 2013
“Thank you ever so much for the speedy work […] it really has been most appreciated!”
January 2013
“Just to say very many thanks for producing the Statement for this one so quickly and efficiently. It is a very well written statement and a lovely piece of work”

Thank you

May 2012
[From a returning customer] “As you have probably gathered we have been attempting to draft our own statements….however…the pressure has built and I am seeking help!! Please can I ask you to consider the attached and draft these for me……although they are required for Friday (by 12pm). Appreciate this is extremely short notice, but hope you are able to help.”

[We did 3 within 24 hours and a 4th by 10.30 on Friday]

May 2012
“We value your service greatly and have always been extremely pleased with the high standard of statements you have produced for us over a considerable length of time. I would like to thank you and your team for all the support and fantastic work and advice you have given to us over the years.”
November 2011
“Thank you for all the statements your company has produced over the last month or so. The statements themselves have been well written and your outfit has proven themselves very professional. I have filled in your online survey and you’ll be pleased to know it was all good ticks.”
September 2011
At a recent meeting with a customer, they were extremely complimentary about the service that we provide. In particular, the aspects that they focused on were:

• Our reliability and turnaround time. One of the things that using the service enables them to do is to spend a substantial amount of time working closely with the parents. One of the main meetings that takes place with the parents is the one in which they are shown and are able to discuss the draft statement. They explained that this meeting is fixed in advance of the statement being prepared and they never have to postpone or delay, being assured that we will have the statement back and ready to go.
• The consistency of style. They really valued the fact that we generally have a core group of just a few writers producing their statements and were impressed with the consistent style and quality of the writing they receive.
• The ability of writers to paint an accurate picture of the child. They acknowledged how difficult it is to achieve an overall reflection of a child that the writer has never met, but said that their Educational Psychologists perform quality control checks by reading through the Part 2, invariably saying that they recognise the child from the description. The real test comes when the parents are presented with the Part 2 as an ‘introduction’ to the child and are asked whether the description is accurate and puts the correct emphasis on his or her needs. Again, we are generally found to cut muster and incidents of parents being unhappy with the description are extremely rare.

June 2011
“I’m pleased to feedback to you that I am happy with the quality of the statements your service is producing for us currently. From my perspective, it has certainly been a helpful decision to contract with your company while my team is under-strength due to extended maternity leave, and so allowing us to concentrate on maintaining our interface with parents rather than being slavishly stuck to the computer!”
March 2011
“It is clear that your service is effectively supporting the Local Authority’s statutory duties, and thank you for your willingness to continue to work with us.”
March 2011
“Just to say thank you to your team for having such a good go at following our new template. I’m aware that not all the advice we’re submitting makes it easy to write a statement in that format, but you’re certainly making the most of what you get.”
December 2010
Enhance EHC was asked to produce a ‘sample set’ of 10 statements, using one of our own templates. We took one day to do this and have received the following feedback:

“A group of officers and Parent partnership representatives have looked at and discussed the statements that were written by your firm. We were all in agreement (and to some extent surprised) at how good they were and how quickly they were turned around. A lot of discussion was had about how we/you describe and specify additional provision. Your writers certainly picked out the salient facts and important features of the reports.”

August 2010
“On a review the other day at a school the assistant head mentioned to me that B’s statement was very nicely written, the parents also liked it. Which is nice, thanks!”
July 2010
“I must thank you again for turning around A’s statement so quickly for me. This was considered at the SEN Panel yesterday. I was to keen let you know that our Principal Educational Psychologist was very impressed with how this statement has been written, I know it wasn’t an easy one for you so even more reason to pass on such wonderful feedback I thought!”
January 2010
“I wanted to let you know what positive feedback I have received from our SEN Panel members following the implementation of the new statement format you have produced for us. It has been very well received indeed.”
November 2009
“Really happy with statements so far, and we would like to continue using your service. Please find 5 more attached. Many thanks.”
November 2009
“I would like to say that passing the statement writing to your team is the best decision I have pushed for since becoming a SNO. The use of the service has enabled us to reflect on long standing statement writing practice and formats, review and implement changes. Changes have been well received by parents and have stood up well under the scrutiny of the Tribunal process. Our advice gathering process is sharper and more proactive. We are meeting internal and external performance indicators consistently. Thank you.”
“Since our chat with Penny in November, we have had increased favourable feedback from schools and parents. They are saying that they can see the child in the statement, rather than having a statement that could belong to a number of children. Well done and please pass on to the team.”
“We are very pleased with the quality of the Statements and they are always in the correct format.”
“We decided to use the service to change the focus on the Assessment & Review Officers (AROs) role. Using your service enables the AROs to have more of a presence in schools. This has reduced the number of telephone calls complaints to the SEN department and built more positive relationships with schools.”
“We have not looked back since starting to use the service. We have fewer queries about the content of the statements and look forward to continuing a good relationship”

NB: We do not include the names of our customers on this page as we respect their right to confidentiality.  However, we are always happy to provide the names of our customers for you to talk to, when you are interested in using the service.